6 Mar

How to relish vacuuming – some photos advices given by hot French maid Martina

Black fishnet pantyhose of a topless maid

Vacuum-cleaning is maybe a joy in case you do this once a week. However, when you are a servant girl – for example, as brune dolly Martina – and your employer is into rugs (dust-collector!), hoovering transforms into day-to-day hell. How to delight the routine vacuuming if this is the case? Let’s ask Martina who looks glad while sucking…ha !

First and foremost, you have to put on an astonishing erotic French maid uniform – a dress, fishnets, high heeled shoes. Then, take the Hoover’s sucker and visualize…hem, only and solely glance at Martina and admire this panties-free upskirt view! Thirdly, just when as you start being bummed out, you must stop vacuuming and…

Slutty bare-titted maid spreads her pantyhose legs

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