14 Jun

Urgent Blonde Pisses Her Pants

Wet In  Public

Kelly’s boss had kept her at the office late and shehad to rush to get to the bus stop to make sure that she didn’t miss the last bus home. As soon as she was headed out of the building she knew she was in trouble because she had to piss so bad but knew that if she stopped that she was going to miss the bus and not be able to get home. Trying to ignore her bladder that was getting fuller(hot gallery) by the minute she hurried towards the bus stop but when she got to the park about half way there she had to stop.

Leaning up against a railing she panicked, the piss was coming and she couldn’t see a bathroom in sight. As she stood there agonizing the decision was soon made for her and piss started to trickle down her legs. At first her pants started with a small wet spot over her pussy but the wet spot grew bigger and bigger and soon the back of her pants was so wet that they were clinging to her thighs and the longer she stood there the cooler the piss soaked pants got.

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