Hot Blonde Peeing Behind A Building

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pisshunters1025 Hot Blonde Peeing Behind A Building

Take a look at these voyeur photos of this hot blonde amateur pissing behind a building. She has no clue that she’s being photographed as she empties her bladder. He’s not only found a good hiding spot, but his powerful lens camera allows us some very up close and personal photos of her peeing. The hidden photographer knows that women are often coming out behind this building, using it like it was a public open air bathroom. It’s right off a busy street with lots of restaurants so the women are always looking for a secluded spot for a quick piss when the bathrooms inside are too busy.

These photos are just a sample of what you can find inside the Piss Hunters website. There you can see naughty amateurs peeing in public places, out in the woods and even in the privacy of their own bathrooms. Some of the women are exhibitionist and want to be photographed. Other women have no idea that their private pisses are being video taped. Become a member of this community today.

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