4 May

Sexcited future wife in red Cortney – snatching and tarrying for a tip

Sexy bride in red lingerie posing and seducing

It looks unfeasible to impress you with a scantily clothed bride, without fail. Then again, how about Cortney – this divine brune hootchie in vermillion (corset, knicks, fish-net nylons, boots, and bridal veil) who

1) gets off on guzzling champagne,

2) bares the sappy baps and sex-hungry cunny,

3) polishes the swollen rosebud and

4) would like you to cast her a good advice?

Yeah, this heated boozed-up babelicious fiancee looks still not sure…Exactly, Cortney’s groom seems to be a good guy with a king-size…However, is married boom-boom better than sex experiments with a sweet man? And what about other nice sexed-up machos (for example, as you!), whose cocks are going to keep on unsucked by her fucking skilful (and she takes a pride in it!) gab? So? Can you give Cortney a recommendation?

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