20 Apr

Blonde Teen Peeing In The Bathroom

Hot Pissing

Take a look at this very sexy blonde teen. She’s putting on a private show for us tonight. She’s in the bathroom and about to take a piss. However, she’s not going to use the toilet. Instead, she climbs into the bathtub. She pulls off her panties then props herself up on the sides of the tub so that the camera has a unobstructed view as she starts to pee. And what magnificent pisser she is – she gives the camera several different views before she finally runs out of the golden liquid. She is easily one of my favorites at Hot Pissing and there’s a lot of competition there so that’s saying something.

See lots of this blonde pisser at Hot Pissing. I think that once you visit this site you’ll understand why I had to join. They have thousands of peeing fetish photos and hours of video too. Plus, they’re almost always adding new content, so I’m never bored. These girls love to pee and you can see them peeing in bathrooms at home, public toilets or even out in broad day light along busy streets.

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