30 Sep

Sexy Teen Girl Urinating In Public

Piss Hunters

The hidden video camera was set up in the perfect location in this abandoned building. Babes are always leaving the pub next door and stopping her to relieve themselves before heading off to their next destination. Today, the video camera caught cute, brunette teen squatting down and taking a pee. She pulls up her dress, pulls down her panties and the pee comes flowing out of her. She’s almost done with her pee break, when she spots the hidden video camera. However, instead of being disgusted by it, it seems that this teen is turned on by it. She even puts on a little show for the camera and makes sure the camera gets a few good looks before she heads out of the building. Check out the video clips, courtesy of Piss Hunters.

Piss Hunters has some of the hottest urinating action ever caught on film. There you can see videos from cameras set up in public bathrooms and other places where women are always urinating. Some of my favorite videos, however are like this one. It doesn’t have to take place in a bathroom, just anywhere a female squats down and pees. Right now, they have over 3300 full length videos and they’re always adding more.

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