11 Dec

Voyeur spy cam – Horny wife cheating on her older hubby

This young bitch ongoing cheating on her older hubby shortly after they were married, but not with younger men…with older men! Expect that shit, this little cocksucker loved getting some wrinkled balls slapped in her pouty little mug while hubby was away making the money to help her slutty lifestyle. Of course the whore didn’t know that her hubby paid a exclusive investigator to blanket the house with hidden spy cams and it didn’t take too long to catch the cheating slut wife screwing around with some older guy right in her own house.

28 Nov

Gorgeous black girl Delotta Brown satisfy two burglars while her drunk hubby sleep

This is a hot fucking update featuring the gorgeous black girl Delotta Brown. In this episode, her deadbeat hubby was leaning on that 40ozbounce and she was sick of it, so when some burglars broke into her house she begged them to take benefit of her and fuck her hard and right. There wasn’t greatly to steal so they just took her black cunt and 40 oz bounced that crazy black hoe!

12 Nov

Slut cheats on husband and caught on voyeur spy cam

Ok if you are going to marry a female that looks like a stripper, she’s gonna act like a stripper. Who cares, it keeps me in commerce. This idiot should’nt of married the dumb slut anyways. She’s running around with a younger buffer guy. Their forever going to the same fuckin hotel like it means something. Hahaha. Idiots. Makes my voyeur spy job easier.

This slut has some big tittes though. I can’t wait to get the footage so I can pinch one off before I tell her hubby she’s fucking around.
11 Nov

Horny slut Stephanie caught in the act on voyeur spy cam

Stephanie is a two timing slut married to a rich male that loves her to the end. He’s done everything for this brawd and she’s done everything to fuck him over. She runs around fucking biker dudes and guys she picks up in the morning. I lastly caught her in the act on my voyeur spy cam.

I have the evidence and she’ll have nothing once I’m through with her. I can see her face now. Makes me want to laugh in joy. Hopefully I can give him some closure and let him move on with his life. I hate these dumb sluts.

13 Jun

Horny girl Courtney Elder caught on hidden spy cam when she cheating on her husband

When This guy came into my agency he asked me to spy on his cheating wife and I immediately sensed this guy was worried. I took the case out of pity for this fucker and the minute I laid eyes on his whore of a housewife I knew right away she was a fucking nasty false slut. Big tits, blonde high maintenance looking. Anyways she comes out of the grocery store with an 18 year old dude, a fucking dude. The cougar was obviously out on the prowl and bagged herself a boy toy. I had previously set up voyeur hidden cameras in their room the day before and fixed every minute of her vicious lies to her husband in action. Makes me fucking want to puke when i think how big of a slut this bitch is.

10 Jun

Horny cheating wife Wynona caught on voyeur spy cam.

It’s fucking amazing how life can be stranger than fiction. With these cheating horny sluts fucking around behind their husband’s backs I believe it’s no wonder they do some fucked up strange shit. This nasty whore of a wife is fucking the pool guy which to me sounds so fucking cliche but like I said the fact is sometimes just that fucking strange. She calls the pool guy after she gets off work and instead of fucking in her home she has the decency to fuck in the pool house like a considerate fucking part of shit that she is. Fucking makes me want to punch these whores in the fucking face and bump some sense into them these nasty rotten pussies.

30 Apr

Horny cheating wife Leslie gets her tight pussy fucked by a hard cock

When Leslie’s husband called me, he was like all the other idiots out there. He was suspicious, but couldn’t consider he was getting cheated on. Even with all the tell-tale signs his wife was giving him, he couldn’t get the big picture.

I trailed Leslie for a few time and got some good shots of her walking around. Eventually she hooked up with her buddy. They ran a few errands, holding hands. When I showed stills to my client, he got outraged.

I wired the bedroom with my spy cams and missed them. These assholes like to do it in the shower. I reset my system. Leslie invited her boy toy. When the client saw the cassette he was devastated but lucky to get this example of shit out of his life.

29 Apr

Cheating whore Shauna gets her pussy pounded by a young cock and filmed on spy cam

Shauna’s husband got in contact with me. He had a guess his marriage was going to shits. After 10 years, he had a gut affection.

You know the feature. You work your ass off to afford for a whore and the stupid kids. Then you get stabbed in the back by the entire family, for being an absent husband and parent. That horny slut Shauna got herself a young cock to fuck her pussy in the afternoons. But hey, that’s all my client’s fault, right…

When I showed my client the record, he was grateful that I saved him a shitload of money in alimony. For all he cared, after being fucked over after 10 years, his entire family could now live on the streets.

27 Feb

Cheating wife Nancy fimed in dirty action on voyeur spy cam.

When his mother was diagnosed with a beautiful heavy cancer, this client invited her to come live in his house. Unfortunately, his wife Nancy didn’t care greatly for her in-law.

As the chemo dragged on, and the mother’s health crooked to shits, Nancy got to waste a lot of time alone in the house. The mother began to note her bed was all fucked up when she was arrival back from the treatments.

What kind of fucked up bitch would disclose a family that gave so greatly to her? What example of shit would fuck over her husband on his mother’s death bed? Turns out the record gave everyone a appealing clear answer…

25 Feb

Horny girl Alice caught on spy cam when she cheating

This client got suspicious when Alice, his quickly-to-be bride, ongoing to stall at the prenup. He followed his instincts right to my door and had me tail Alice.

I knew the contract was shady when I fixed her hanging out with a regular guy. He picked up bills, brought her shopping. I did my explore and found out that douchebag had a criminal history for fraud.

I gave my client a good basis to tell Alice to go fuck herself before she could lay a hand on half his assets.

9 Nov

The cheating whore and her man fucks hard.

Following this blonde bitch Janice around town, I realized what a filthy whore she really was. Not only was she getting intimate and close to another guy behind her husband’s back but from the looks of things, they have been fucking quite regularly at the same motel they always go to.

I bribed the motel clerk $50 bucks so I can set up my surveillance hidden cams. The cheating whore and her man arrived as expected. Way too easy.

I showed my client the footage who was obviously broken up about it. When everything was done and said I realized I had documented another cheating whore and hopefully brought this situation to justice.

27 Oct

Voyeur porn movie backstabbing whores.

Free voyeur porn movie. I’d certainly like to say that after the short time I’ve been next these backstabbing whores, that at least one client would be relieved to find out that his wife is in detail loyal. Unfortunately this is not the basis. This particular client is down and out financially and emotionally. I decided to help him out and ease his mind from this dirty…

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26 Oct

Jenneva cheating whore voyeur movies.

With all the experience I have next dirty whore wives, girlfriends and fiances, I forever learn something new to refine my craft of exposing these cunt bitches for the cheating sluts that they are. In this basis an old friend of mine came to me and had me follow his bitch wife who he suspected of cheating. Turns out not only was she cheating.. Check out my voyeur movies.

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