31 Jan

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17 Nov

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Stepsiblings Damon Dice and Ariana Marie are required to stay in the same room when family happens to visit. It’s uncomfortable for the two stepsiblings, especially when Damon strolls in on Ariana going to city on her landing strip cunt with her doppeldildo. Damon holds back until Ariana is completed to try to sneak back into bed so that he can hide his strong boner, but sooner or later he finds out that he does not want to prevent his interest for his stepsister any more. Once Ariana is sleeping, he gets the part started by carefully touching her cooch above her knickers and then her perky breasts. His touches slowly get bolder and warmer until he has pulled his stepsister’s knickers off and has free rein to finger her shaved cunt. When even that does not wake Ariana up, Damon decides to go full throttle and pulls his cock out. Continue reading

9 May

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Sleeping Babe Wakes Up To A Face Full Of Hot Cum After Having Sleeping Sex

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Even though they were sharing a bed together for the night, this girl was under the impression that there would be no naughty business between them. But when he caught a glimpse of her in that thong, his cock led the way to her pussy! He made sure to not wake her up while he licked her snatch and fucked her holes, as she stood asleep while he drilled her, and while he came on her face! Enter here to watch more!

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