22 Jun

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25 Nov

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23 Jan

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Check out these self-shot photos of a sporty blonde teen. She’s always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but she’s never done anything like taking naughty pictures of herself for a website. I have to admit that she looks great. She has a great, toned body that makes me think that she would be a real wild one, full of sexual energy in the bedroom. And she has perky tits that would be fun to play with. If that’s not enough, she has a pink pussy that’s practically begging to get fucked.

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3 Nov

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Wet In Public

Believe it or not, some girls really get turned on by peeing themselves in public. This horny blonde teen is definitely one of them. Check out these sample clips of her living out one of her wildest fantasies. Today, she’s going for a walk down by the river and she’s purposely drank so much water that she’s going to have to pee. She could run to a public bathroom, but instead she sits down on the park bench and the pee starts to flow out of her pussy, staining her shorts and dripping down her legs.

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Check out these video clips of this very busty blonde teen nympho getting naughty. She’s horny all of the time, masturbates just about every night, however this is the first time that she’s ever done it in front of the camera. She never thought about making her own naughty video until one day, her lover left the camera over at her house. While he was gone that day, she started to have many naughty thoughts. The next thing you know, her clothes are coming off and she’s having the most fun of her life.

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4 Sep

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Wet In Public

This blonde teen really needed to go the bathroom, but she was in a residential area with no public bathrooms. She would’ve been happy with an alley where no one could see her, but she couldn’t find any secluded spot to pee. Then she couldn’t hold it any longer, the urine started to flow out of her bladder. It stained her white pants and dripped down her legs. She was so embarrassed. It was clear to everyone else what she had done. But at the same time, it turned her on too. Check out these video clips and watch this babe pee her pants in public.

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Check out these video clips of a blonde teen that peed her pants in public. It was a complete accident, she had too much soda to drink today and as she was walking home, she was hurrying because she had to pee. However, she was still a few blocks away from hoe and she couldn’t hold it any longer. She couldn’t wait, so she hid between some cars on the side of this road and was peeing her pants. She didn’t even have time to take them off before the urine came flowing out of her pussy and staining her pink pants.

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It looks like she had an accident! Check out these video clips of this amateur from Wet In Public. She was looking for a public bathroom, but there were none in sight. She was hoping to find a wall to pee behind, but it was too late. She really had to go, so she did! The pee left a huge, damp stain all over her shorts that she couldn’t hide. It ran from her pussy, up and down both of her legs. She wanted to go home right away, but she was afraid that someone she knew would see her.

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19 May

Sexy Blonde Teen In White Panties

Amateur Upskirts - Carrie

Today, we get to enjoy these Amateur Upskirts photos of a cute blonde named Carrie. This teen is wearing a pair of sexy white cotton briefs. She makes this innocent looking pair of panties look so sexy. She slips out of her green dress and shows her tender body. She has an amazing figure, but you have to love the way the panties look on her. Can you ask for anything more than a cute teen in a sexy pair of panties?

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3 Mar

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Hot Pissing

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19 Feb

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Hot Pissing

Check out these pictures of this hot blonde teen showing off for the camera as she struts her stuff around some local ruins but when the cameraman asks her to piss for the camera she looks at him with questions in her eyes. She’d never ever pissed on camera before and the idea seemed a bit strange but she did need to go and after a little more prompting at how exciting it would be to urinate in a place where she might get caught she lifted up her dress and squatting down she waited for the piss to come.

It took a few minutes for the piss to start but once it did there was no stopping it and soon enough a trickle of piss started to flow towards the cameraman. With ooh’s and ahh’s coming from the cameraman as the golden piss started to trickle closer to him she pushed harder until every drop of her golden piss had trickled from her body and on to the floor. The cameraman looked as though he wanted to lie down and lick it off the floor but instead he just watched her through the lens as she stood up and flashed her slit!

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