18 May

Army doctors puts her naked 19 y.o. examinee Olga to disgracing special examination

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This cute girl not waiting for something extra from this martial clinic exam. Nonetheless, this 19 y. o. girl Olga has passed a lot of wicked, unpleasant and disgracing nude clinic tests! First and foremost, the lady doctor makes her get completely bare. After a classy of certain tests and all that – the nude examinee undergoes a detailed medical special naked examination – measuring, rib cage test, rhino and neuro trials, temperature and blood tension control. Continue reading

9 Nov

Teen harlot Alika spread wide for a meticulous hospital survey by a pair of irate custom agents

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What for are the frau examiner and her male aide damn furious? The cause is Alika’s conduct. This young (but already nasty) popsy has hidden something inapt in her panties! And the customs agents are going to check out each and every of her sweet teen holes in chase of something no less and even supposedly more wrong. Sure, the teen lass is appalled with this clinic test check cuz this pair of perverts may do something hard-core with her body and soul.
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