2 Nov

Lezdom drill mistress Natalie obliges girl-gymnast Alena to polish her pearl after naked training session

Lesdom sport touches during nude stretching

Why the fuck does evil gym coach Natalie include Sapphic footsies, grips, kicks and, eventually, particular finger work in naked action lessons? Her submissive trainee Alena is sure that a set of lesbo humiliating attacks is only Natalie’s ruthless will. But the sport instructor simply wants her apprentices to truly admire physical drill! Be certain, it is difficult to relish doing the shoulder dips while being pushed. Here is also a drop of groove in doing the squats, the jumps and the extensions whilst awaiting for lezdom grips and jerks.
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24 Mar

Tough special raw sports and discipline drilling

Naked sport plaything Valya with her trainer Zoya

Why is trainer Zoya so stern? And what for does this sport dom wear the sunglasses during the drill sessions? We are sure that this trainer is not as stern as she wants to look… Her today’s gymnastics slave Valya was undressed and collared by Zoya and then,forced to do the nuddy workouts with two dumbbells and a hula-hoop.

Valya also performed the sit-ups, the rolls and played the horse-jockey game with Zoya, being motivated by a cane.

Trainer makes her nude trainee do a special seated exercise

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