5 May

Double thorough health survey and hair-curling healing of awfully sick girl Nadya

Gyno fetish test and finger rectal examination

Lungs, cor, coozy, anus. Blood pressure, weight and temperature. It seems terifficly unusual that 22 y. o. university girl Nadya looks still alive and kicking – her body and vit routines are so fucking poor that the doctors are scared and planning to begin treating her asap. But,supposedly, these sleazy medical doctors only and solely wanna fool around? In case the girlie is so fucking hard sickish, why the hell is she that fine? First and most important, the medical practitioners check and measure Nadya’s body from head to foot, insert the clinic equipment and fingers in the tight holes of the female, force her to carry out shoulder dips and sit-ups and, after all, treat the slut with an extremely impactful injection (good god, what a monster squirt!) and a complex of stick licks. Continue reading

1 Jul

Several bad med undergraduates ready for anything and their shrewd lusty professor

Three nude medical exam asses before a group test

Without fail, all idle students are ready to perform everything their professors would like for the full marks, and Kitty and Ksenya are not the wondrous exceptions. Then again, wth in depth are the gorgeous pussycats about to carry out in the med checkup office? The vicious teacher begins with a wasting anatomy test and body checkup of Aziza. Moreover, the college tarts ought to pass through a comparative titties examination (indeed, six knockers – tiny, medium and gross – are here) and then undergo a team gynecologic search. Of course, the tootsies allow the examiner to distress them sans bliss but at the same time, late than a group temp inspection the harlots get the top marks. Discomfiting and cool!
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