5 Aug

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9 Feb

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Audrianna was fucking fortunate enough to get a actual job as a secretary, well after sucking off the creepy boss’s dick. Asleep on the job at her desk, the sleep creep moves in and gives her a big raise.. in her maw! This 18 year old secretary has a body of a goddess and an ass like no other! No surprise it would be hard to resist fucking this gorgeous teenager on the job! When she woke up naked on her desk, she had more than just a huge smile on her face…

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Hot girl Kim Capri loves getting wet in more ways than one. She was washing her parents car while they were out of city and because she only had a few hours before they got back she had to clean up after a long weekend of partying. The hot little teen ended up falling sleeping in the back seat. Great opportunity for the sleep creep to grab on that ass and squeeze those delicious 18 year old tits. Kim was a bang out with a hard dick even in her sleep!

28 Apr

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I noticed Ruby’s hot little body at the gym. She was sweating hard on a engine, next to me. Seeing her tight ass moving around her shorts gave me dreams, which only made my own exercises more interesting. As she stepped down and headed to the water fountain, I made my move. At first she was a bit freaked out by my fantasy. But as I got deeper with the facts, she got curious. What would it be like to feel my dick, gently pushing against her sleepy maw? Would her cunny get wet as I delicately fingered her? I tell you, seeing the twitch on her face when I slid my dick into her soft, moist cunny was funny. Now Ruby even calls me to know if I’ll ever amaze her again!

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I was carpooling with Ruby after a long day at the mall. I desired to run a few tasks there, and she works at a clothing stock. She generously offered to share a ride. Just as we were getting on the freeway, we noticed the delayed traffic. Static rivers of red lights. Nothing was moving and we were still only on the access ramp. We would be fortunate to even get in a road before sunset. As we inched forward, Ruby ongoing yawning. Her grip on the steering wheel relaxed. Her eyes blinked from the nearing car lights. She was so tired, she offered me to sleep over at her place, to prevent unsafely extending the drive in the small hours of the night. But I know Ruby, she’s a flirt, and behind her noble intentions of protecting other drivers, she required a piece of cock. I warned her. It doesn’t affair how sleepy she would be once in bed.