22 Apr

Special examination for a nude girl Lena on the gyno couch and imaging to fuck her

All these female medical practitioners are lesbians, of course…Wait a sec. Is it probable that all of us have seen so many lesbian med porno videos that are unable to tell simply a fine woman doctor from a finger-actress? Let’s go to enjoy brune girl Lena get thru a nuddy scrupulous health and gyno survey in the female exam office to decide if this dark-haired pussy examiner is a hot lesbian, veiling her nature! On the one hand, this medical center nympho looks rough and even pushing at whiles, specifically when it becomes of Lena’s too much short and sheer fronts. In addition to this, a temperature meter, several fingers and a spreader have been strictly put in the tight nooky and butt of the scared girl. Continue reading

13 Sep

Anxious teen medical patient Lena and a mature plumpy examiner with the shocking particular playthings

Usually, every “something (clinic, male dom, sm, and all) fetish” first-timer amplifies the shock and harm of special stuff and procedures she or he has been put to. Without fail, this young 19 y. o. hospital examinee Lena is confident that the sleazy doctor is a pervert and the research is hurtful and extreme. At the same time, what about reality? A banal visual test check. Clothes-dropping (oh indeed, this denim upskirt and panties removing are exceedingly hair-curling!). Auscultation of the lungs, temp. taking and young blood tension measurements. Neuro, rhino and compliance with the pressures (dear me, what a syringe!) tests. Finger and dilatant analysis of the teeny cunny. Shock-giving? Dirty? No fucking way!

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