13 Apr

Shocked gyno examination girl Marianna getting a medical bdsm dental gag

Too tiny titties? Very svelte body? Not completely clean shaved cunt? Sure thing, 20 y. o. distressed fair sweetheart Marianna understands that her body is nonperfect, nonetheless, this sleazy psychologist makes her mad with embarrassing nit-picking. At the same time, the helpless girl is in need of this official document of health – thus and so the examiner executes everything he desires with the teen cunt, tits, nipples, gap, tongue, et-cetera! Rectal temp check (really deep and merry thermometer thrusting), raw shoot with spread cunt, rough painful orbs groping, oral examination (fingers and dental gag), anal manipulations and, of course, dilator insertion. Continue reading

30 Sep

Gagged gyno exam after rectal inspection for sexy female Toria

It is always dangerous to pass thru a gyno special examination in the clinic you have never done it in before.
What if the doc is a pervert who takes pleasure in making female patients cry and twist with pain during a speculum insertion coming with a rectal inspection? What if a deep sickening oral exam is one of his favorite manipulations and a back-breaking sport test is another one?
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18 Oct

Obedience and wildness of gangly coll lassie Daria at the sport fetish med investigation

Some girls are more red hot and active than others. If it matters with medical fetish research, the first bitchies transform every analysis and manipulation into a crazy struggle with doctors. That is a reason why, such tootsies as college temptress Daria are the fuck most desirable examinees – we like watching med fetish battles (male analysts versus female testees), right? “Stop stripping to me nothing!” snapping, coll upskirt (slutty crimson knickers!), a la peel babe slides shuffling off, plenty of nuddy sports drills (mostly knelt and w-l), a portion of routine hospital test checks (auscultation, rhino, neuro), fetish penetrations (fingers, temperature meter, spreader, enormous syringe), etc. – a must-watch this special examination, without fail!
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