28 Apr

First fetish med take-down of Julia, another naked toy of the male physician

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Yeah, this horrifying raw hospital checkup with tough auscultation of the lungs and deep dilatant thrusting is just a set of rut medic exercises for this chubby male doc. Be sure, the dude does not catch on why his slender gangly patient Julia X. looks fuckin disconcerted with her nakedness and appalled with damn interesting clinic searches. Ok, what the hell would the medic perve feel while getting his rectum finger-fucked and then pierced with a monster huge syringe? And what about perceiving the rubber glove hands in your overstretched gab? Interesting? Excitive? Well, in case if yes then he must gird yourself for the coming torrid test – duple screwing with hospital toys!

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8 Mar

Two tiny-titted svelte teens Lara and Lera share a towel and embosom in the kitchen

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It looks so fucking unworkable at whiles to characterize a teeny soft lezo dido in a skimpy headline! Yeah, a couple of airy missies in the lovely panties and sox Lara and Lera share a king-size wiper – they attempt to wrap themselves up with this softie whilst being in the cookroom (!?) and seeming rather ablush with their abruptly appearing nakedness. Yeah, the teeny floozies outstretch each other’s and their own knicks and then make away with these bonny pieces of cotton fabric. Yes, timid and at the same time red hot gals Lera and Lara polish their valleys and baps versus each other’s bumms and backs and enjoy the nastiest a la horse break make-out. How is it possible to portray this in a short title?

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