13 Jan

Locky fair sports chix Iva doing nude workouts on a soccer filed

Outdoor nude sport babe squatting

Oh, the soccer team, used to train here! Where are you? This babelicious fitness girl seems to be awfully lusting for your wows! Whilst you are consuming time on cranking at the cheerleading xxx sites, Iva carries out the savory complex of nude workouts directly on the pitch you used to kick the balls on! Breathtaking! Bod twists and strains, plies, push-ups, hamstring stretches and drills for arms are the sexy nude workouts Iva does alfresco. And her nude gymnastic get-up looks the best thingie (after the gorgeous bod) Iva overwhelms you. Indeed, people used to work up in sports apparel. Then again it seems to be much healthy to do it in the birthday suit!

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27 Dec

Water lesbian tyranny of Natalie and nuddy fitness obedience of Alena

Hard nude special exercises with a ball poolside

Of course, Natalie (the evil sport drill mistress) is not a soulless empress who enjoys playing the aqua binding games with her compliant fitness learnees. This blonde bimbo just adores domineering dollies at particular nude drill sessions. Dear me, what luck for nude  gymnast miss Alena, her naked aqua aerobics apprentice! However, this trainer is a creative nude sport dominatrix. That is why Alena should perform a good few of hard raw and in the bikini exercises in the water and poolside while being pushed and impelled to do derogatory xxx things.

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18 Apr

Unclad slendercises for blonde girls – as easy as ABC!

Naked gymnastics leg abduction done by Katya

By researches of plumpy scientists, though blonds gain fat quicker than brunes, they shed it faster as well. Being enheartened with these inquiries, fair miniature girlie Katya (an exility enthusiast) concluded she could throw off several pounds in a training session.

So, the doll got completely nude (for maximum effect), did many backbends and leg raises, performed nude workouts with a hula-hoop, an exercise wheel and a jump rope. And right away, let’s scale her! Though, wait a second, ah no, we have no idea about her early mass!

Nude workout with an exercise wheel on the floor

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