16 Apr

Leslie pissing thru white leggings in public

Hot pics – Leslie pissing thru white leggings

Leslie was trying to rush back from her friends apartment to her own place, she had to pee so badly and her friend had a plumber over fixing the bathroom at her place. Leslie decided that she would rush back home to go piss in her own apartment but she forgot just how long of a walk it was back to her place and once she had made it about half way she knew that she wasn’t going to make it the rest of the way without having an accident. She tried to walk faster but that only made things worse and soon she knew she had no other choice. Leslie stepped over next to a lamp post and stood as close to it as she could in hopes that no one would see her. As she stood there she tried to let the pee go in little drops, hoping that no one would see her and that the stain on her white leggings would be minimal.

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14 Jul

Alissa pisses through her pants

Alissa had always had weak bladder control (gallery), it didn’t matter where she was if she had to take a piss she absolutely had to take a piss regardless of where it was. Usually Alissa didn’t go out much unless she knew where the bathrooms were but sometimes she absolutely had to go out and without knowing where the bathroom was she was always terrified that she would end up pissing her trousers. She’d pissed her pants before and she wasn’t really afraid of the people looking at her or the walking around in piss soaked pants but she was more afraid of how turned on she gets when her pussy is soaked in pee. This past Tuesday Alissa had to go out to get her drivers license renewed and she made it as far as a few steps from the car and she pissed all over her jogging pants.
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29 Oct

Horny Teen Wets Her Shorts In Public

Wet In Public

Believe it or not, some girls really get turned on by peeing themselves in public. This horny blonde teen is definitely one of them. Check out these sample clips of her living out one of her wildest fantasies. Today, she’s going for a walk down by the river and she’s purposely drank so much water that she’s going to have to pee. She could run to a public bathroom, but instead she sits down on the park bench and the pee starts to flow out of her pussy, staining her shorts and dripping down her legs.

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4 Sep

Blonde Babe Pees Her Pants In Public

Wet In Public

This blonde teen really needed to go the bathroom, but she was in a residential area with no public bathrooms. She would’ve been happy with an alley where no one could see her, but she couldn’t find any secluded spot to pee. Then she couldn’t hold it any longer, the urine started to flow out of her bladder. It stained her white pants and dripped down her legs. She was so embarrassed. It was clear to everyone else what she had done. But at the same time, it turned her on too. Check out these video clips and watch this babe pee her pants in public.

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2 Sep

Teen Pees Her Pants In Public

Wet In Public

Check out these video clips of this amateur that peed her pants in public. She just couldn’t find a bathroom anywhere and couldn’t hold it any longer. As she was racing around looking for even a bush to hide behind, the pee started to flow out, leaving a very visible damp mark on her pink pants, that just couldn’t be missed. By the time she found a hiding spot in a parking lot, it was already too late. The pee had spread from between her legs to all down her pants. It couldn’t get any more embarrassing.

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13 Aug

Naughty Teen Girl Pees In Public

Wet In Pubic

Check out these very steamy video clips of a teen peeing her tights in public. She looks so sweet and innocent, but she has a very naughty side. She has a peeing fetish, where she likes to be watched as she pisses. Most of her adventures have taken place in the bathroom, but today she’s out on the street, looking to live out one of her wildest fantasies. As she walks around, she drinks more and more soda until her bladd her is full. Most girls would’ve gone and found a bathroom, but she sneaks between two parked cars, pull up her skirt and let’s the pee come streaming out.

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12 Aug

Sexy Teen Girl Wets Herself In Public

Wet In Public

Check out these video clips of a redhead teen that pees herself in public. She locked herself out of her house today, it wouldn’t have been a problem because her roommate was going to be home soon, but she really had to go to the bathroom. She decides that she’s going to sneak into a nearby alley, but finds people everywhere. She ends up standing next to a building, hoping that no one notices what she’s doing. Standing up, she pees, leaving her skirt wet and the wall behind her covered with pee.

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30 Jul

Cute Blonde Teen Pees Her Pants In Public

Wet In Public

Check out these video clips of a blonde teen that peed her pants in public. It was a complete accident, she had too much soda to drink today and as she was walking home, she was hurrying because she had to pee. However, she was still a few blocks away from hoe and she couldn’t hold it any longer. She couldn’t wait, so she hid between some cars on the side of this road and was peeing her pants. She didn’t even have time to take them off before the urine came flowing out of her pussy and staining her pink pants.

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24 Jul

Hottie Pees Her Pants In Public

Wet In Public

Check out these very hot Wet In Public photos. This teen hottie had too much water to drink during her lunch. Now she really has to pee, but there’s no bathroom in sight. She tries to hold, but it becomes to painful. Soon, she’s squatting down and the pee is flowing out of her bladder, through her pants and on to the ground below. She makes a huge mess on the ground and on her pants. She’s not sure what to do now, there’s people all around and some are already noticing what she did!

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20 Jul

Amateur Brunette Housewife In Glasses Wet In Public

Wet In Public

Check out these photos of this brunette housewife that pissed in public. She was looking for a pubic bathroom, but no matter which way she went there was nothing. She decided that behind this car and blocked by the cement post, she would pee. She didn’t have a choice, she couldn’t wait any longer. She pissed standing up, the pee squirting on the ground between her legs. It left a large moisture stain on her shorts. After she was done, she quickly headed home, hoping that no one would see.

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26 Jun

Sexy Blonde Teen Wets Her Pants

Wet In Public

It looks like she had an accident! Check out these video clips of this amateur from Wet In Public. She was looking for a public bathroom, but there were none in sight. She was hoping to find a wall to pee behind, but it was too late. She really had to go, so she did! The pee left a huge, damp stain all over her shorts that she couldn’t hide. It ran from her pussy, up and down both of her legs. She wanted to go home right away, but she was afraid that someone she knew would see her.

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20 Apr

Blonde Teen Peeing In The Bathroom

Hot Pissing

Take a look at this very sexy blonde teen. She’s putting on a private show for us tonight. She’s in the bathroom and about to take a piss. However, she’s not going to use the toilet. Instead, she climbs into the bathtub. She pulls off her panties then props herself up on the sides of the tub so that the camera has a unobstructed view as she starts to pee. And what magnificent pisser she is – she gives the camera several different views before she finally runs out of the golden liquid. She is easily one of my favorites at Hot Pissing and there’s a lot of competition there so that’s saying something.

See lots of this blonde pisser at Hot Pissing. I think that once you visit this site you’ll understand why I had to join. They have thousands of peeing fetish photos and hours of video too. Plus, they’re almost always adding new content, so I’m never bored. These girls love to pee and you can see them peeing in bathrooms at home, public toilets or even out in broad day light along busy streets.

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3 Mar

Hot Blonde Hottie Pissing In The Woods

Hot Pissing

Check out these video clips of a smoking hot blonde teen pissing outdoors. I think I might have a new favorite at Hot Pissing. Not only does she like pissing outdoors and in front of the camera, but she’s drop dead gorgeous. I love watching her squat down on pee. The best part might be that she’s doing it all while almost completely naked except her black leather boots and pink jacket to keep her warm. She shows her bare pussy and her tender tits.

You can see more of this blonde pisser at the Hot Pissing website. There you can download the full length video. Of course, she’s just one of the many amateur women that you can watch pee at Hot Pissing. They have hundreds of steamy pissing fetish movies and they’re always adding more. You can see these women pissing in their bathrooms, out in the woods like today’s featured amateur or even out in pubic. It’s wild watching women pissing in the middle of busy parks or along well traveled streets.

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25 Jan

Hot Blonde Woman Pees Outdoors

Hot Pissing

Take a look at these video clips of this daring blonde amateur pissing in public! She’s been filmed pisisng in her own bathroom before, but today she decided to take the adventure outdoors. With a photographer from Hot Pissing, she went out to the local park. She walked around until they found this secluded spot/ That’s where she pulled up her skirt, squatted down and empty out her bladder. The pee came flowing out and created a large puddle between her feet. She was so turned on pissing someplace where it’s forbidden!

Want to see more babes pissing? Visit Hot Pissing. If you have a pissing fetish, you’ll love this site. There one and only focus is amateurs peeing. You can see them pissing in bathrooms, outdoors and in public. These girls love to be watched as they pee. They’re not paid either, they just have a peeing fetish. It’s the hottest thing that I’ve ever seen. There’s hours of steamy movies to enjoy and hundreds of photos to browse through. What are you waiting for?

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29 Dec

Voyeur Pics of Punk Rock Teen Pissing

Piss Hunters

Check out these explicit photos of this punk rock teen that was secretly photographed and video taped as she takes a piss at this public bathroom. She doesn’t notice the hidden cameras, but she does notice that this isn’t the cleanest bathroom. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you until you realize that she’s squatting above the toilet to pee. The result is that we get an amazing look from the front and the back as she empties her bladder. And don’t think this is staged either. This is a real amateur that hasn’t been paid and has no idea that these photos and videos even exist.

This is just one example of all of the exciting action at the Piss Hunters website. This group of amateur photographers and pee enthusiasts set up hidden cameras in public bathrooms. They also hunt down action in abandoned buildings, back alleyways, public parks and other places naughty amateurs turn into their own outdoor bathrooms. The result is hours of high quality video to download and thousands of pictures to enjoy right now.

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