14 Dec

Sexy girl Jina pissing in the woods


Jina was never the camping sort of girl but when she fell for her brother’s best friend she volunteered to go out with them on their hunting trip. She even volunteered to make sandwiches to take with them and to carry all their stuff if they would let her come. Jina’s brother knew why she wanted to go but his best friend didn’t so when her brother objected to her going her brother’s best friend told him not to be a dick and let her go. Jina’s brother knew he wouldn’t win the argument so he agreed to let her come with them. When they got out there Jina knew that she was out of her depth, she hated being out in nature, she hated stepping over branches and logs and most of all she hated when she needed a piss. She held it just as long as she could but when she couldn’t hold it anymore she had to duck between a couple of trees and squat down.

She didn’t notice that her brother’s best friend was watching her every move and he certainly didn’t start to look away when he saw the piss start to trickle out of her tight slit.

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