14 Jul

Alissa pisses through her pants

Alissa had always had weak bladder control (gallery), it didn’t matter where she was if she had to take a piss she absolutely had to take a piss regardless of where it was. Usually Alissa didn’t go out much unless she knew where the bathrooms were but sometimes she absolutely had to go out and without knowing where the bathroom was she was always terrified that she would end up pissing her trousers. She’d pissed her pants before and she wasn’t really afraid of the people looking at her or the walking around in piss soaked pants but she was more afraid of how turned on she gets when her pussy is soaked in pee. This past Tuesday Alissa had to go out to get her drivers license renewed and she made it as far as a few steps from the car and she pissed all over her jogging pants.
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20 Jun

Avid after-work finger job in dark tights by reception slut Era

Horny babe in black pantyhose

It was a really and truly bloody difficult work day for off babe Era. So scorching hot and beyond endurance that her poor feet, ankles and hips are in need of a good massage! With her foot wear removed, the dolly in dark trousers and pure white shirt drops on the settee and starts rubbing her soles in black pantyhose – slowly and with pleasure…holy moses!

Ah yup, you would like to massage Era’s legs instead this fucking heated brunette secretary! However, it seems that she needs no you or, at least, she wishes you to carry out a bit sexier thing with her. Sexcited Era takes off the pants, unfastens the chemise and begins honing her clitoris in tights! May you come and help?..

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