14 Feb

Sexy blondes experiences mighty dick in a sizzling hot FFM sex scene

Aaliyah Love and Violet hot FFM xxx porn scene

College teacher Aaliyah Love confronts Bambino when she caught him on football site instead of doing work on his college project. He stays unable to focus because he’s had the hots for his female instructor for a while, and once Aaliyah understands it she’s like butter in his palms. She’s on her knees giving Bambino a passionate cocksucking when Violet strolls in and sees them and wants to assist Aaliyah suck him off. After assisting Violet undressing, Aaliyah gets her blonde learner onto the ground to perform on sucking Bambino’s dick collectively. When he’s been considered good and hard, Aaliyah teaches Violet to bend over the table and let Bambino insert his cock into her little cunt until she cums. Aaliyah is delighted to wait her turn until Violet has had a couple of fast orgasms. Then she lays down on the sofa and lets Bambino fuck her tight cunt. She’s also satisfied to let Violet plant her pussy on her mouth to muffle her screams. Continue reading

30 Apr

Violet Pisses Her White Pants

Wet in  Public

Violet was walking down to the corner shop to pick up a few things that she needed to fix breakfast for her boyfriend who had stayed the night at her place. She was in such a rush not to wake him and get back to make breakfast before he left that she rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes and rushed out to the store. Violet hadn’t even thought to brush her teeth or take a piss (gallery) so she was trying to rush to the store and get what she needed and then rush right back. Unfortunately for Violet she only made it half way to the store before she had to piss so badly that she was afraid she couldn’t even take another step.

Looking around frantically for a bathroom Violet finally couldn’t hold it anymore and she grabbed her pussy as though it would stop her from pissing herself but a giant wet spot started to grow on the front of her pants. Violet just couldn’t hold it and let it all go, the wet spot on her pants getting bigger and wider until she finally felt complete relief as her bladder completely emptied. Violet wasn’t sure whether she should keep walking of go home but she decided to keep going anyway!

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